I hope someone can help,

I am living with another mans Thai wife

I met my Thai girlfriend here in the UK (where we both live together now).

She is here on a UK spouse visa which expires in March 2013, she was married to a UK man who was the original sponsor, but he treated her badly. They lived together for a year, but she had to move out as she could longer stand his behavior, she was then staying with friends before I met her.

We have been living together now for several months, she has become a big part in my (& my daughters) life.

We would do anything to be able to stay together. I can support her, she also works,

I would be very grateful of a reply to let me know if you think of a way she could settle with me in UK.

Answer: I am living with another mans Thai wife

This is a basic list for you to follow.

Your partner must get divorced from her husband as soon as possible.
Prior to her visa running out, she must return to Thailand. If she over stays for any reason, UK immigration could ban her from entering the UK for up to 10 years.

We suggest you urgently set up as much of a life with her as possible to show that you are together. Get her name on some of the utility bills, open a bank account to your address, and put her on the voting register. Driving license etc, get addressed to your house.

Introduce your partner to as many friends and relatives as possible as witness statements will be needed to demonstrate you are together.

Go for days out with your daughter and take lots of photos.

You will have to marry your partner in Thailand as our experience has shown that a fiancée visa will not be issued under your current circumstances.

You will need to earn at least £22400 a year to fulfill the embassies requirements.

If you can meet the requirements above then we will be able to help you get a visa for her to return to the UK. The new visa law will actually give her a 5 year visa this time.

Please let me know if you need any more information

Kind regards