Hi Key Visa Thailand

You recommended that I should send my Thai girlfriend mail including letters, postcards, birthday cards, Christmas cards etc.

I sent her a letter last month and she didn’t get it. I don’t want to waste my time by sending letters that never be delivered. How will my mail get to girl friend in Thailand?

How will my mail get to girl friend in Thailand

Hi Altian

Sorry to read that the letter wasn’t delivered to your girlfriend in Thailand. Sorry that I didn’t mention at the time of giving you the advice that any mail should be sent via registered mail. That is mail that has to be signed for on delivery.

You could also put the address on the envelope twice. Get your girlfriend to email her address in Thai to you, print this off and stick it on the back of the envelope. Then write her address in English on the front. The post office staff in Thailand have a good grasp of English, however Thai script may help them find the house quicker.

In our experience a much higher percentage of mail arrives intact when it requires a signature as proof of delivery. If you go to your post office they will be able to send it registered mail to Thailand.

It will cost a little more, but at least you known the letter will be received by your girlfriend.

The reason I give this advice is It will be helpful as part of demonstrating that you are in a relationship to show letters, cards etc that you have sent to your girlfriend. Get her to keep the original letter or card inside the envelope.

Kind regards