Hi Key Visa Thailand

Can you tell me how long you need to have a relationship with a Thai girl before the UK Immigration consider it a serious/proper relationship?

How Long You Need To Have A Relationship With A Thai Girl?

It takes more than time to demonstrate to the UK immigration department that you are in a recognised relationship with your Thai girlfriend.

The burden on proof is on you to prove that the relationship is real, the immigration officer only needs to have reasonable doubt that it is not a relationship to refuse the visa application.

There are no set written rules provided by the UK immigration to the amount of time needed, though i would suggest 10 – 12 months of being in a relationship with your Thai girlfriend. The time starts from the date that you actually met in person and not if you met on the internet.


  • You met on a online dating site in January and spoke every day, sent emails etc
  • You arrived in Thailand to meet your Thai girlfriend for the first in October
  • Then you apply for a visa in December,

The visa officer would view your relationship as 8 weeks old. This application would be refused for at least this reason

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