thai spouse for UKIf you are planning to relocate back to the United Kingdom with your Thai spouse or partner then there are many things you will already be preparing for.

There are many differences between living in Thailand and living back in the U.K., and whilst the changes will affect certain people more than others there are a few that will surely affect anybody, regardless of their personality or temperament.

Let’s look at the most obvious lifestyle changes that will probably affect anybody moving from Thailand back to the United Kingdom.

Prepare for the cold

First and foremost on most people’s mind when moving back to the U.K. is the change in climate. It is downright scary for many people who have lived in Thailand for a long time!
British weather can be unforgiving and, depending on which part if the islands you are moving to, can be unbelievably wet.

You must prepare your Thai partner for this. Explain that the initial shock of the cold will pass and their body will soon get used to it. Also go shopping for a new, warmer, wardrobe as soon as you land.

If you don’t explain this properly, and your partner thinks they will be freezing cold for the rest of their life, it could cause an argument or two upon arrival!


Prepare to be more direct

Thailand is a great place for people to kick back and get along together. Rarely is there conflict and even if there is a difference of opinion there is rarely anything said out in the open.
Let’s face it; the United Kingdom is anything but like that. British people are direct and forthright. If something needs to be said, usually we will say it, regardless of where we are or who is listening.

Explain, to your Thai partner, that whilst we can be noisy and sound somewhat aggressive, it is just the way we are and just the way we do things.
This aspect of British culture can be quite daunting for newcomers to the U.K. if they are not made aware of it beforehand.


Prepare for a change in diet

Thai food is now globally considered to be amongst the best around. The delicate spices as well as fiery chillies that are used so liberally in Thai cooking make it taste different from any other food on the planet.

English food is not without its charms, but if we are honest it couldn’t be any different from Thai food if it tried.

Many Thai visitors to the U.K. find our food extremely boring and bland. This will be less of a shock if they are expecting it. It is a good idea to take your spouse to one of the thousands of English restaurants in Thailand, prior to them visiting the U.K.

Also try to explain that, these days, we can buy pretty much everything required to make Thai food in any supermarket back home. With this in mind it might be worthwhile making sure they have their favourite recipes memorised before going to the U.K, to ensure they can recreate that taste of home.

If prepared for properly then the move back to the U.K. needn’t be worrying or perturbing, it should be the start of a new, exciting adventure.