We can obtain a UK Visa for your Thai girlfriend

The UK immigration rules are very strict. Every day many Thai people are refused a Visa to the UK.

Every day people ask us “How do you get a UK Visa for a Thai?”. We are a Thailand based visa company and have 13 years of experience dealing with the British Embassy and fully understand their full visa requirements.

Obtaining a UK visa be it a UK tourist visa or UK fiancee visa or UK settlement visa is a predominately about presentation, documentation and saying the correct things, and at Key Visa we understand after years of experience what will be successful and what will not as we do not get paid until a visa has been awarded and below is what we do to make sure you get the visa first time to the UK.

Our service offered for a UK tourist visa for your Thai partner

  • We first start by advising the sponsor and the Thai applicant of the documents required
  • We have English staff to deal with the sponsor and Thai staff to deal with your partner
  • When the documents are received we collate and do the translations involved
  • We advise if we feel any documents are missing or if there is anything that needs amending
  • We prepare the online application for the client
  • We write all associated letters for you and your Thai partner
  • We book the appointment to submit the visa application with your Thai partner
  • We make sure that your Thai partner says the correct information which is important
  • We then get a tracking number and check the status of the application every day
  • When the decision has been made we then will collect the application and passport and visa on behalf of your Thai partner
  • We then advise you when the visa has been issued and the balance of monies is paid
  • We train your lady also how to be polite and say the correct information to the Immigration in the UK when the documents and passport have been collected or we can post to your Thai partner’s home if they so wish.
Before we make a complete visa application we will help you build a case so the visa will be issued 1st time so the faster you start the more chance we have of obtaining the visa

Fill in the question below and find out if your Thai gf will be granted a UK visa, please note this service is free or send an e-mail to [email protected]