Question – How do I marry my Thai wife in Thailand?

One of our services at Key Visa is to offer a complete marriage service which involves dealing with the Thai Ministry Of Foreign Affairs on your behalf and organizing the correct documentation which is very important including helping you to obtain your affirmation to marry.
The service we offer is hassle free and a memorable occasion for you and your Thai wife and being legally married is paramount to the visa application and please remember being married in Thailand is as legal as marrying in your own country.
If you have been married previously you will need to bring evidence to prove you are now divorced.
Sample of our service
Below we have given you details of our service and costing for the service.

  • You both come to our office and we prepare the Affirmation to marry for the foreigner which means you are free to marry.
  • You then go and carry on with your holiday and my staff take the paperwork and have it translated to Thai and take it to Bangkok to get it stamped by the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs which means the document is legitimate and it takes approx 4 days to complete.
  • When the document are ready my staff pick up the documents from Bangkok and bring back to Pattaya.
  • We then contact your Thai Girlfriend and make arrangements to take you to the Banglamung Registry Office which is 10 minutes from Pattaya and get you legally married which takes approx 30 minutes.
  • After the marriage we translate the marriage certificate in to English and have it certified so the whole process is hassle free for you both.

Our fee for the full service including all of the above is 12,000 Thai baht and only a 5,000 baht deposit needed and the remaining payable on the completion of your marriage service. So no traveling and a hassle free service.