In Thailand, some people say that you can get a good education for your child only if you are willing to find the best schools available. Word is that international schools offer the best education that your child needs to be ‘somebody’ in the future. However, as you well know, nothing comes on a silver platter. In that case, you as a parent ought to know prior to anything that it will cost you a fortune annually to get your expat child learning in the best international school in Thailand.

School fees

financialMany people tend to enquire about school fee and even the possibility of fee increase over time due to certain imminent or unpredictable factors. All you need to know is that for any international school in Thailand, it can cost 100,000 baht all the way over 300,000 baht yearly, depending on the grade your child is in.

While sending your child to an ideal school is putting his or her best interests at heart, you need to keep in mind that as a parent, other significant roles await you for your child’s academic success. Here are easy-to-adapt ways to assist your child learn effectively in Thai schools.

Have an open relationship

Parents need to identify the most effective tools to use for child upbringing. In many scenarios, children who are not in an open relationship with their parents may not improve in school even if they are determined to do so because there is no one there to lend them an ear, especially in a foreign environment. Staying positive and supporting children at difficult moments builds their confidence in parents. Even when they perform poorly in school, they can confide in their parents because they are fully aware that parents are the only figures they can look up to in bad times.

Set simple rules at home

rulesInculcating discipline in your child as early as possible is vital in his or her growth. Mere rules such when you study hard, you will be able to play with your friends, visit a pal, get a present and so forth are some of the things that your child may need for motivation. Making a switch in learning environments might not be easy sometimes so discipline and motivation as to go hand in hand.

Introduce them to Thai culture

Since your kids will be studying in Thailand, it is essential that you let them get acquainted with Thai culture and the Thai way of living as much as possible so that they will find it easier to understand their new Thai friends in school and learn collaboratively with them.