Hi UK Visa Company

My Thai girlfriend was lucky and was given a Uk holiday visa for six months. She came to England and we have had a great time. But the last five months have gone really fast. My Thai girlfriend doesn’t want to go back to Thailand next month when her UK holiday visa expires.

My questions are:

  • How can we extend my Thai girlfriends UK Holiday Visa?
  • What is the process and requirement documents?
  • If we cannot extend the holiday visa, can my girlfriend just remain in England,

Please let me know soon

Peter and Thong

Hi Peter,

You cannot extend your Thai girlfriends UK Holiday Visa

I am pleased that the holiday visa worked out well and you and your girlfriend have had a good time together over the last 5 months. As you are aware, the UK holiday visa was issued for a six month period.
This six month holiday visa has nearly expired. Your Thai girlfriend cannot stay in the UK beyond the date on the visa. To do so would have serious repercussions when applying for any UK visa later on. Infact by over staying a UK holiday visa, your Thai girlfriend could find herself banned from reapplying for any UK visa for upto 10 years.
At this stage your girlfriend will have to return to Thailand. The next visa UK Holiday visa application you make will have to wait until six months after she has left the UK

The only other two options would be

  • you to visit Thailand and marry your girlfriend. You would then be able to apply for a marriage visa, though this would take 4 months before being granted.
  • Apply for a Fiancee visa, then marry when your Thai girlfriend returns to England. This visa application will also take 4 months.

In the mean time I suggest you take another holiday to Thailand, and remember to keep all photos of you together.  You cannot extend your Thai girlfriends UK Holiday Visa