Holiday visa to the UK for a Thai National can be a tiring and difficult process if you are not experienced in the procedure or the documents needed to satisfy the British Embassy Visa officer.

So what are they looking for? Answer= how long is a piece of string they have their own set of rules that only an experienced visa consultant would know, OK it can be achieved on your own but only if you are very lucky as Migration to England is getting far more difficult.

They start by looking at the visa sponsor which is the British Citizen, boyfriend, husband to see if he can finance the holiday with bank statements, employment and earnings and also secure accommodation for his Thai partner, Thai girlfriend or Thai wife to stay so getting these documents in place correctly is a must and never supply overdrawn bank statements

They look at the Thai applicant, do they have a good financial standing, do they have a job, do they have a reason to return if not then how are you going to show someone who has nothing to return to will definitely return? a visa consultant would know, so all the documents she has with regards to finances must be shown, job, home, vehicles, savings, land in Thailand etc.

Relationship is very important knowing the documents that must be shown and how much to show is paramount as a genuine honest and loving relationship is important so telephone bills, e-mails, photographs, chat records, money transfers, visa stamps, trips around Asia, photos with the family are all important when applying for a visa.

The reason for the relationship documents is they wish to ascertain you know your Thai partner and they know the UK sponsor enough to feel satisfied that the relationship is responsible enough for your Thai partner to return to Thailand.

Many reasons as well as the above can lead to a refusal, spelling mistakes, wrong translations, online application done in correctly, saying the wrong things, lack of documents, photos not suitable, finances not correct, presentation unprofessional, sponsors letter written incorrectly.

The above are just a small number of reasons why using the best visa company in Thailand Key Visa Thailand will save you money and heartache, would you want to put a price on your Thai partners happiness? “NO” so consider using Key Visa e-mail [email protected]

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