Thai refused UK visa, tourist visa UK and Settlement visa UK, appealing a UK visa tourist ans settlement

Has your Thai partner been refused a UK visa? Why?

Do you need help to appeal or reapply to obtain a visa to the UK for your Thai Partner?

If your Thai partner is refused a visa then the entry clearance officer (ECO) will give you a written notice explaining why. To ensure that the British embassy has made a fair and concise and correct decision and in accordance with the UK Immigration Rules, reviews on every UK visa refusal is checked by an entry clearance manager within 24 hours of the refusal. Certain visa refusal your Thai partner will have the right to appeal against the decision but as time is going on the chances of appealing now are far and few between as normally the reason for refusal is correct and the way to not have to worry about a visa refusal is to get it right first time and use a professional company to present the visa application for you.

We can help you reapply or appeal for a Thai refused UK Visa

The outcome of a UK visa appeal is now made in the UK and no longer in the British Embassy Bangkok which can delay the decision and it can be more difficult as the Immigration in the UK are looking at the documents so the appeal to the UK has to be presented correctly and precise and previously an appeal was free but it now has a fee which has to be paid before submission in the UK.

We can advice you on what you need to provide to ensure a Thai refused UK visa will infact be granted by the British embassy

Our job is to make sure that the re presented visa application will be granted by the clearing officers at the British Embassy and that you will not be heart broken it is very difficult once an application has been refused so make sure you get Key Visa to obtain and present the second visa application or appeal for you.

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