After contacting a client in the UK on the telephone and corresponding with emails, the client being the UK sponsor had some reservations about giving a Guarantee for a Thai girlfriend UK visitor’s visa

1. What concerns me is how can anybody “Guarantee” to obtain a UK fiancé/tourist – Visitors visa ? Surely the only people that can guarantee a visa is the British Embassy.

Guarantee Thai girlfriend UK Visitors visa

This is quiet right, nobody can guarantee a UK Visitors visa, My original email explains that we build the correct visa application fully meeting the British embassy’s requirements. We do not guarantee to get you a UK Visitors visa, we guarantee to help you and your Thai girlfriend build the correct UK Visitors visa application to obtain a visa every time.. When you apply for a visa with the correct information, the British embassy will issue the visa

We guarantee to help you build the correct evidence and information, when this is done you will get a visa.

The British embassy cannot guarantee that you will get a visa, getting this visa is just like a test, they mark the test, we get you ready for the test. We also test you first, when you pass our test, you will pass the Embassy’s test.

2. If I ever decided to marry any Thai girl, I need to protect my property in England. Is it better to Marry in England or as I suppose get married in Thailand which would mean that she could never touch my assets in England, should the marriage fail ?

Do not ever get married to obtain a visa for your Thai girlfriend; a visa will be issued without marriage. If you marry your Thai girlfriend, on the breakdown of the marriage she will not be able to claim any assets you had prior to marrying.

i.e you have a house worth 200000 pounds prior to getting married, two years later you separate, the house is still yours and your Thai wife has no claim to the house.

We will help you obtain a UK Visitors visa the correct and quickest way, if you would like to move forward please let me know