How can we guarantee to get your Thai girlfriend a UK visa.

Guarantee a UK visa for Thai girlfriend

How can we be so sure that we can get you a visa for your Thai girlfriend that we can infact guarantee to get it.

Many of the British men sitting in bars in Pattaya and Bangkok talk about getting the Thai girlfriend home as if it was the Holy Grail, an almost impossible feat that some lucky people sometimes get awarded.
This is not the case. Getting a visa for your Thai girlfriend to return to the UK really is straight forward. The emassy have a set of unpublished rules – criteria that you must meet, if you manage to meet the unwritten criteria that they require a 6 month tourist visa will be issued. It really is that simple and straight forward.
Our day to day business is helping British men take their Thai girlfriends or Thai wifes back to the UK for a holiday or to live. Like any business when you have been doing any particular task for many years you become good at it, as you learn to understand all the ins and outs and pitfalls.

It is the years of experience that you will benefit from when applying for a visa.
This is how we guarantee to get your Thai girlfriend a UK Visa

Remember I said that the British embassy have an unpublished set of rules that you must meet, over the years we have learnt what the embassy really are looking for. When we start working with you, we give you a list of documents that will be expected by the British embassy. Your Thai girlfriend will also be instructed what will be expected from her.

We also give you advice about your relationship and travel arrangements. Everything we do is to help provide the evidence that the embassy is going to need to see at the time of the visa application.
As you get the documents and evidence together, we ask you to forward them to us, we build a UK visa application file with your information, over time the file grows and the embassies requirements are met one by one. Before we put the application to the embassy we test it in house. Our testing is in fact stricter than that of the British embassy, but this is important because if your visa file passes our in-house requirements then getting a visa from the British embassy is guaranteed.

We can guarantee to get a UK visa for your Thai girlfriend.

With most clients it takes aprox 8 weeks to get you ready before we can make the final UK visa application. This is because even with a clear set out list of what you need to provide it will take you an amount of time.
We guarantee to get you prepared and ready for the UK visa application, by doing this correctly we can guarantee to get a UK visa for your Thai girlfriend.