Can you guarantee a UK visa for my Thai Girlfriend?
This is a question we are asked every day. We do not issue visas, that is the job of the British embassy in Bangkok. In the real world anything can happen and even a strong visa application can result with a misunderstanding and failing. After all all humans make mistakes and the staff at the embassy are human (though some people may not believe it).

What we do is advise you as to the best visa to apply for and help you collate the correct documents the correct way, finally putting the application together to ensure that it is easily understood by the visa officer.
Before we make the application for your Thai girlfriend, we will go over every document in your file working through a visa check list to ensure that you do not fail in any area. If we do see problems with the visa file, we will instruct you as to the problem and what evidence will be needed before the final application can be made.

We guarantee that a visa will be issued

We guarantee that a visa will be issued for your Thai girlfriend when the application is ready. We do not ask for any money or payment until the visa has been issued, so our guarantee is that if we cannot help you obtain a visa, you will not pay any money. This is a no risk situation for you and your Thai girlfriend.
Our visa service will help you to understand if a visa will be issued without paying any money, not even to the British embassy. Even If you cannot get a visa in the time frame required, a visa case can be built over time to ensure that your girlfriend will be travelling to the UK and this is one area in which we can help you.