Getting married to your Thai girlfriend in the UK can be broken down in to two sections

  • 1 Arranging and getting married
  • 2 Getting the correct visa for travel

UK Fiancee Visa

If you are planning on marrying your Thai girlfriend in the UK, there is only one visa that is suitable, the UK Fiancee visa. No registry office will allow you to marry your Thai partner without the correct visa. The application has to be made at the British embassy in Bangkok. Only the Thai girlfriend has to attend the embassy which will allow you to stay in the UK throughout the complete process.

Turnerculosis Test

Your Thai girlfriend will need to have a turnerculosis test carried out at the Institute of Migration. This is done by x-ray. A certificate will be issued with the result of the test With the test results the visa application can begin. Like all applications to the UK, evidence will be required to backup the statements that you will make on the application.

Interview at the Embassy

In many cases the British embassy will interview the Thai when a fiancée visa is being requested. Being ready for this interview is extremely important. Any bad answers will result in a refusal by the visa officer.

Getting the Visa application right

Getting the correct and right amount of evidence is only have of the visa application, the interview is the area which creates the most problems.