Getting married in Australia on a tourist visa

Getting marriedCan I get married in Australia on a tourist visa? this is a very common question and the answer is yes you can marry in Australia on a tourist visa (subclass 600) be it 3 months or 6 months there are no restrictions getting legally married. The only restriction is an Australian tourist visa comes with an 8503 clause which means no more extensions with no exceptions even if you marry in Australia your Thai partner will still have to return to Thailand.

You can then apply for an Australian partner visa for your Thai wife to return to Australia to live with you as man and wife but you have to go through the correct channels or else you could face rejection by the Australian Embassy in Bangkok so make sure you follow the correct procedure you can marry but make sure your Thai wife returns to Thailand after the 3 or 6 months holiday.

When your Thai partner or wife returns to Thailand with their Australian marriage certificate to get it recognized you will have to take it to the Australian Embassy in Bangkok and have it stamped, it should then be translated in to Thai language making sure the spellings are correct on the translation. After the translation has been done this should then be taken to the Thai Ministry of foreign affairs who will stamp the translation to say that it is correct and legalized by the Australian Embassy.

Getting marriedThis can then be taken to any Thai registry office or Thai amphur and then registered on the Thai system as legal in Thailand which really should be done before you can change your Thai passport to the married name. Then you can consider applying for a partner visa to Australia so there are many steps to take before you can consider moving to Australia including Police checks and medicals so it is advisable to get professional help from Key Visa Thailand who have been helping clients get visas to Australia for over 14 years and as time passes and Immigration gets tougher around the World it also makes most Countries tighten their borders so making visas more difficult to obtain from the Australian Embassy in Bangkok.

Getting married in Australia is a good move and always shows good intentions to the Australian Government and is recommended and is always a happy moment in Australia when the Australian family can be present.

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