Get Ready For The Amazing Thailand Grand Sale! 

Thailand possesses a natural beauty and cultural heritage that makes it so appealing to tourists. Coupled with the ability for them to shop for products and items that might be a quarter of its value over at their native country, it is hard to see why someone would not want to visit Thailand!

The Amazing Thailand Grand Sale is an event held in Thailand which features significant discounts on shopping, accommodation, health & wellness, Thai local products, jewellery, golf courses, dining and even car rentals.

Shopping in ThailandThe 2014 Amazing Thailand Grand Sale

This year’s grand sale will feature a record 15,000 establishments in 7 of Thailand’s tourism cities. It will be held between 15 June to 15 August 2014 and this is the biggest grand sale to date in terms of popularity and participating establishments.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has provided locals with a website that promotes the event and has information on discounts and promotions offered by departmental stores, spas, restaurants, malls, golf courses and hotels. The event will be held in places like Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Phuket and also Pattaya.

Why this event was created

This grand sale is intended to strongly boost sales, increase tourism and visitor expenditure. It also aims to brand Thailand as a major shopping destination, increase income nationwide and contribute to the creation of jobs for locals.

Activities held during the sale event

The first activity held during the sale is the promotion efforts by stores, restaurants, malls and entertainment departments of up to 80% price discounts for products and services. The second activity held during the sale is a shopping competition where contestants are accompanied by well-known celebrities in various fields. A total of 15 teams are participating and the winning team receives a cash price of 100,000 baht! There are also two lucky-draw prizes for 2 couples which allow them to enjoy a trip to any location within Thailand.

MBKCity to look out for

While the sale spans across an entire country, the most crowded city will definitely be Bangkok. Bangkok is the largest city in the country and Bangkok’s Siam Square and MBK Mall are two of the most popular destinations to shop at. Locals and tourists alike can use this opportunity to shop for shoes, hats, phones, bags and purchase services such as hotel stays or golf course memberships – all at a steep discount.

If you would like to travel to Thailand this year, you might as well do so during this period of time when the sales are ongoing. If you need help in arranging a visa for a longer stay, talk to us and find out more!