First UK passport for Thai baby

Obtaining your Thai babies first UK passport can be a daunting task for anyone that is not used to dealing with the British Embassy which is why at Key Visa we have a service that takes all the stress away including making sure the documents are correct for the father from the UK an the Thai mother, we do all the translations and the application form and countersigning all photographs without you traveling to Bangkok.

All Thai babies who have a UK father on the birth certificate or sole custody in Thailand is eligible for a UK passport and it makes it easier if the child was born after July 2007 when the rules changed which meant you did not have to be married for the Thai child to obtain the British Nationality. If the child was born previous to July 2007 you need to have been legally married at the time of the child’s birth and with these rules in mind we would advise you to use Key Visa Thailand to get the passport with no hassle and no traveling as the fee we charge would probably work out less than the gasoline needed. We have a full section o the procedure and costings o the following link.


Forget the hassle and let Key Visa do the work for your babies UK passport

Documents needed for a UK babies passport and birth certificate  

Father  Originals please  

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate “must be long certificate with mum and dads name on”

Mother Originals please  

  • Passport “If have”
  • Identification card
  • Household book “tabien baan”
  • Birth certificate
  • If married original marriage certificate

Baby Originals please  

  • Thai birth certificate
  • Household registration
  • Passport photographs x 2 “must be white background”