Any man who has spent any amount of time in Pattaya will have heard 100 or more different stories about UK holidays visa for Thai girlfriend.

These are the facts about UK Holiday visa for Thai girlfriend

Thai Girlfriend UK Tourist Visa

The Visa application has to be made in Thailand at the British Embassy in Bangkok. The visa application is for the Thai girlfriend and not the British boyfriend. This is the most misunderstood area of the visa application and why most visas are refused. British men wrongly believe as they have a house, job and money that the embassy will issue the Thai girlfriend a visa, but this is inaccurate. The British boyfriend ie the sponsor is taken into account, but not to the degree most people in Pattaya would have you believe.

A UK holiday visa is also known as a visitor visa or a UK tourist visa. The tourist visa is issued for a total of six months. The Thai girlfriend will be able to travel to the UK within that 6 month period, but must return to Thailand before or at the end of the visa period.

If you plan to arrange a UK tourist visa start the process early. Remember the old saying the early bird catches the worm, this is very much the case with visa applications. The area of the application which takes the most time is demonstrating that the relationship is real. Most visa applications that we deal with take 4 weeks from start to finish, however if the relationship lacks evidence then the process will take longer.

Thai Girlfriend issued a Tourist Visa

When a Thai girlfriend is issued a UK Tourist visa, she will only be able to travel to the UK and Northern Ireland. Even though the UK is a member of the EU, a British tourist visa will only allow travel to the UK.

The UK recently introduced new immigration rules, part of the rules are to ensure that all foreign nationals applying for a tourist or settlement visa must have fingers prints taken as part of the visa application.

Your Thai girlfriend will need to have her finger prints taken as part of the UK Tourist visa application

A good piece of advice to take on board is to ensure that your Thai girlfriend has money in her bank account; the immigration officer likes to see that if while in the UK she needs to return home for any reason, she has the money to independently change her air ticket or to purchase a new air ticket.

A UK tourist visa application made at the British embassy in Bangkok takes normally 5 working days to receive an outcome.

Now you know more about the UK Tourist visa rules for you Thai girlfriend, find out if she will be issued with a visa.