Facial features and passports


In my many years of experience we have come across a problem today that was very difficult to solve in the respect that a Thai applicant who had been given a UK Tourist visa to travel to see her boyfriend had had some plastic surgery done and also botox to her facial features which made her look different to the picture on her passport and the bio metric photo on her visa.

Hence the airline would not allow her to board the airline due to not looking the same as the passport, the answer from the airline was the passenger was to change their passport which is not that easy as the UK bio metric visa is assigned and attached to the passport so if you change the passport you then have to change the visa which means a whole new application.

A call was made to the British Embassy but they could not comment as they could not see the face of the applicant and this story is still ongoing so if your partner decides to have beauty treatment that will change her looks make sure it is not extreme were they look different to their passport or you may find you have problems when trying to travel to the UK.