thailandIt is quite surprising that despite the recent political unrest in the Kingdom of Thailand, more and more retirees are opting for Thailand as a perfect destination for retirement luxury. Every year, the growing number of baby boomers hitting retirement goes past the roof and a great deal of them often head for one common place, Thailand. Favorable climate and financial situations are among the top reasons why foreigners keep flying to Thailand yearly for retirement. The following elaborates more on the cause of expatriation.

Incredible weather equal lower costs

All year round in Thailand, you will get plenty of sunshine. You can have little to worry about the heavy rains that come between May and November. Although Thailand is a tropical country, the Northern part is cool while the Southern part experiences more rainfall. Survey reveals that majority of expats are found in Northern Thailand because of the cool and warm climate. You save on utility bills because compared to western countries, there’s no need for heating costs and even cooling costs can be managed by using a fan.

Good financial conditions equal savings to be made

financialEssentials as well as food cost less in Thailand compared to other parts of the world. For quite a long time now, the cost of living has remained particularly low despite difficult moments. The country still thrives without making life hard for its citizens or foreigners for that matter. As you move from one location to another, you will realize that the cost of living varies. In urban centers, you may spend slightly higher than in the remote regions. Either way, cost of living is relatively low in the whole country.

Great infrastructure equal business opportunity

In the years of political instability, infrastructural development lagged for a while. Now, everything is moving on and there is a good progress on infrastructural development. Moreover, most of the facilities that you find in modern developed countries such as fast internet, banks, and the likes are available in Thailand so lots of business opportunities here. Well, with the bigger potential to earn, the low living costs pale in comparison.

Cheap health care facilities equal lesser money shelled out

A lack of a health program may be the only thing that can stop you from accessing first-rate health care centers when you fall sick. However, it is not an issue because by going through the right channels, you can get it in a short time. You can get international health care standards in Thailand at a low cost of treatment, therefore making Thailand a great nation that warmly embraces expat retirees who will be most worried about health care costs.

Thailand indeed is a haven in Asia that is an ideal choice for many expat retirees seeking a place to settle peacefully in their last phase of life – thanks to all the factors that make living costs low!