Evidence showing you live together in Thailand

Often we have an expat visit our office looking to get a tourist visa for their Thai partner to travel home with them. On many occasions sadly, there is little to no evidence to show that the relationship has been ongoing for many months.

These are some ideas that will provide paper evidence to show that you live with your partner in Thailand

Easy stuff

  • Open a joint bank account, you only need a small amount of money in the account
  • Take lots of photos on different times through out the year.

Family ideas

  • Visit your partner’s family and take photos.
  • If your family visits you in Thailand, ensure you take photos of your family members and your partner together.

Living Together

  • If you rent your house or condo, arrange for the lease agreement to be in both you and your partner’s name
  • If you own your house or condo, arrange for your partners name to be placed in the house book (the blue book)
  • If your partner owns a motor bike or car, have it resisted at your address