Find out all the latest Education Visa rules

This has been a burning debate by the Thai Immigration for weeks and has now been settled and a new st of visa rules have been established to make it more streamline and better for the Thai Immigration to track people in Thailand residing on education visas.

The change has come around because it was considered that education visas were being abused and people were using them to reside in Thailand and work illegally, don’t know were that idea would come from, so a new set of rules have been formed.

It has been decided that people wishing to study in Thailand must renew there visa every year by first obtaining the correct documents from an education institute and then travel to a Thai consulate surrounding Thailand like Laos to obtain a 90 day Non Immigrant ED visa for education purposes only, this must then be extended by the Thai Immigration every 90 days at the discretion of the officer if they feel that the applicant is utilizing the visa correctly and if learning Thai then they must show some kind of ability to converse in the language or the visa could be deemed as being misused and cancelled.

So it is 1 visa 1 year and has to be renewed and the clock re started every 12 months making the system more manageable by the Thai authorities who believe this is the best way forward and will stop people in Thailand abusing the system as working without a work permit is illegal!!!!

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