Essential step by step guide to applying for a UK British passport renewal in Thailand

Applying for a British passport has been a walking nightmare for British citizens for the past 4 months with the changes from applying to Hong Kong which went very well to then having to apply to Liverpool passport office direct from Thailand and now having to apply in Bangkok and then collect your passport from Bangkok so I have tries my best to give you a step by step guide on how to apply for a UK passport from Thailand.

Step 1

1. Never leave your passport until the last minute make sure you have at least one year left when you apply for a new passport
2. Never wait until you have nearly run out of pages in your old passport when you are half way through the passport order a new UK passport.

Step 2

3. Firstly you need to make an appointment via an e-mail to the VFS global visa office located on Suckhumvit Road, Soi 13, Bangkok and the e-mail address to this is as follows

[email protected]

UK Visa Application Centre
The Trendy Office Building,
28th Floor,
Sukhumvit Soi13,

Within 3 days you will be given appointment to submit the application.

4. You then download the application form called an (o) form meaning overseas and fill in the form making sure you have a countersignature on the form preferably a British Citizen.

You then download the credit card form from the British Embassy website and fill it in with the correct details as this payment will be taken from your account by the Passport office in Liverpool.

Step 3 ( Documents )

5. You must make sure that you copy your old passport include every page even if blank and all pages copied must be in color.
6. You must supply identical passport photos one endorsed by your countersignature and one blank
7. You must supply something in English that confirms your Thailand name and address if you only have something in Thai then you must have it translated before you go and submit your passport application at the VFS Global office.

The link above is the full guidance notes for the passport including photographs and making sure the documents you take are correct.

Step 4 ( Collection of your passport )

1. You will receive a telephone call or an e-mail from the VFS office when your passport has arrived you must go and collect the UK passport in person showing identification preferably your old UK passport. At present it is taking 3-4 weeks to arrive back in Thailand.

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