The Thais living within Australia certainly do patronize the casinos of the country. In fact, there have been a number of Thais that have appeared in the news, as they are recognized high rollers that are often invited to play at casinos around the world.

Popular Casinos

Some favorite casinos for Thais and others looking for some gambling in Australia are the Crown Casino and Lasseters Casino. Both are located in different locations, but are seen as two of the top casinos in the country.

Crown Casino

The Crown Casino is found in the Crown Entertainment Complex, which is in the city of Melbourne. The entertainment complex stands out, as it is the home of the Crown Casino, luxury fashion boutiques, the Crown Towers, Crown Metropol, and Crown Promenade hotels. Some Thais living in Australia and visitors who aren’t interested in gambling, still visit this casino for a short spell as an aside to seeing some of the site’s attractions and perhaps spotting a celebrity. The water and fire attractions that are found within the complex are varied and are a point of interest for a number of people that visit the casino and the entertainment complex. The water attractions include a number of fountains, plus numerous water veneers on the six towers found in the promenade of the casino. In contrast to the beautiful water attractions there are two spheres of fire that re ignited at scheduled intervals at the tops of the complex’s towers.

Lasseters Casino

In contrast to the Crown Casino, some Thais living in Australia like to enjoy their gambling outside of the higher populated cities and give themselves their own local Las Vegas-like experience. Like Las Vegas, Alice Springs is located in relatively remote area in the city of Alice Springs. The Lasseters Hotel holds an exclusive license for being the only casino in the area until 2018. Generally the Thais who like to gamble at this casino are seeking an escape from the city they reside in and also have some fun gambling. The casino’s hotel features over 200 rooms and provides splendid views of the natural surroundings, which includes the Todd River, MacDonnell Ranges, and the Alice Springs Golf Course.

A Foreign Pleasure

Many Thais living in Australia simply go to the casinos while living there because it is an experience that cannot be found in Thailand, at least legally. As a result, going to a place like the Crown Casino is a unique and memorable experience in itself, plus with the addition to freely and legally gamble, the combination presents an opportunity that many simply can’t pass up while living in Australia.