About two years ago I met my Thai girlfriend in Pattaya, I know what people say about the bar girls but we are really in love.

I visit Thailand every three – four months for a two week holiday. She meets me at Bangkok airport and we spend the complete holiday together. When I go back to England she still works at the bar, but not as a bar girl any more, now she has a job as a cashier.

We have just applied for a holiday visa for my Thai girlfriend to have a holiday in England, but she was telephoned by the embassy who told her they wanted to arrange an interview. When she went into the interview things went really wrong.

The interviewer asked my girlfriend if she has been to England before, and when my girlfriend explained that she had been to England in 2002 for a holiday with her ex boyfriend, the interviewer told my girlfriend to get out.

I don’t know what happened? Did the interviewer want a bribe? To make sure she would get a holiday visa I put 300,000 Baht in her bank account and also bought her a motor bike.

My girlfriend has done nothing wrong, When she went to England in 2002 she stayed for 6 weeks and came back. Broke up with her ex boyfriend in 2003 so I cannot see what that has got to do with the new visa.

What can we do?

Answer Did the interviewer want a bribe?

Normally when people contact us with a visa refusal we ask to see the paper work given with the reasons for the refusal. What you are telling me doesn’t sound like an event that would happen during an interview with an immigration clearing officer. Has you Thai girlfriend been given a letter explaining why she has been refused ? If not it could possibly be that she does not want to visit England, has she returned the money to your bank account yet?

The immigration officers do not ask or accept bribes; visas for the UK are not issued this way.

Get all of the paper work back for the application, the refusal letter should be amongst the paper work. If it is not you have questions to ask

Ask for your money to be returned, if it is not returned; your answer is there.