I have been dating my Thai girlfriend for two years. In That time I have visited her four times. In 2009 I stayed in Thailand with her for 3 months and in 2010 I stayed in Thailand with her for 2 months.

At the moment I cannot get any more time of work in the UK, so I would like my thai girlfriend to come here on holiday.

Can my 18 year old Thai girlfriend get a UK holiday visa?

The problem is when she was born, her mum didn’t register her birth for four years. Her family all live in the country and there is no where close to them to register the birth. On her passport she has only just turned 18, but really she is 22. Can you help me get a UK holiday visa for my Thai girlfriend?

Answer Can my 18 year old Thai girlfriend get a UK holiday visa?

In Thailand there are many girls that set out to meet British men that are under the age of 18. This cover story “my Thai girlfriends birth wasn’t registered for 4 years, so really she is older than her birth certificate states”, is a story we hear time and time again.

The British embassy will not accept that your Thai girlfriend is any age other than the age which is stated on her birth certificate.

We would not recommend that you sponsor a holiday visa application for an 18 year old Thai girl that you state you met when she was 16. In this situation wait until your Thai girlfriend is 19 and then apply showing evidence to support you met one year prior when she was 18.