Thai Wife has just turned 40yrs, she is the oldest of three sisters and has two older brothers and one younger. She has a son of twelve, originally they lived with his father for 4 years but he cheated on her. So they parted, her son stayed with her and the boyfriend’s mother they never married she has been a farm girl most of her life; helping her parents run their rice farm, while her sisters got educated.

Since I have known her she has been a shop assistant, a cleaner but for the last year I sent her some money so she could start cooking food for herself and she cooked food for her local customers until sept-09. She is a very hard worker, my Thai wife always finds something that needs doing, she never stops.
My Thai wife has very strong Thai morals, all she wants to come to England for is firstly to be with me, and so she can help me earn enough money to build a house on the land we have. To get her son to have his last few years at school in the UK, and then we all move back to Thailand for good.

I met her in a restaurant, with her young sister and her long time, (11year) boyfriend, the day after i arrived in Thailand, we liked each from that first time.
We were inseparable for the rest of the time, about 18 days, we’ve been in touch ever since
for the first year we spoke to each other twice a day, every day, for the last 9-10months it has been once a day every, so we have been in contact every day since i left at the end of jan-08 to come to UK.

i went back in sept-08 for a month to get to know her better , we went to her parents, she wanted them to meet me and by the time we parted we just didn’t want to.
so back again in jan-09 and we got engaged, then a room had become vacant very close to her sister, i suggested that she take it then her son could live with her, i said i would pay for it, we went to see her parents, i’m able to speak a little Thai at this point. We get on very well, and again we really do not want to part.

My problem is i have a 19year old in the UK just starting a degree and I promised her that I would stay in UK until she finishes it, otherwise i would be living in Thailand now teaching English.
i went back on 30-sept-09 and we got married on 14 oct- 09 we are extremely close, i get on very well too with her son, we spend hours just chatting and laughing, plus she ‘s helping me with Thai and i’m helping her with English, at the same time.

Can i get a UK Visitor visa for my Pregnant Thai wife

She is now pregnant, since late- oct-09 and is now sick too often to carry on working at the moment, she will start again if the sickness subsides. i do not know whether this will help or hinder her coming to the UK, we both want the baby to born in UK but she is not allowed to fly after six months and she is at 1 month already so timing is extremely important. Can I get a UK Visitor visa for my Pregnant Thai wife
My Thai Wife was able to earn enough money on top of what I send her for the rent and bills to pay for whatever was needed for her and her son but it is a bit tight now. I am trying to save up enough to get back out there so we could apply for a visa out there to come to the UK. We got all the paperwork sorted out for the marriage so we are quite capable of getting the visa too but the baby coming so soon has complicated it somewhat. What you think our chances are???

My Thai wife applied for a UK Visitors visa

Before we got married my Thai wife applied for a UK Visitors visa and was refused. There was not enough money in her account to support herself, she really prepare herself properly but it turns out if I could put money into her account, she still would have been refused because the money has to be in her account for at least 6 months, the money I was sending her was being spent, had she put it through her bank account and then spent it she might have been successful. They wanted to see a regular flow of money in and out