Can a Thai girl be trusted This is an open ended question and nearly impossible to answer but you could say that for all Nationalities not just Thai girls or Thai girlfriends, as most are aware their is good and bad in any society of people and Thai’s mainly coming from a poor background find that money to support their family is important so for example?

  1. If she is your Thai girlfriend, and you do not trust her why is she your Thai girlfriend
  2. If you do not help her financially were does she get money from to support her family
  3. If your Thai girlfriend or a Thai girl was taken from a bar or a gogo bar should it not be your responsibility to support
  4. If trust is an issue then how far you take the relationship is your decision

The comments above are just an example of what you should think about as an Australian sponsor before entering in to a serious relationship or committing to a Thai girl financially.

If your Thai girlfriend or a Thai lady is taken from a Thai bar and you help her financially then should she not find work elsewhere? if it is just to keep busy as Thai ladies like to get bored so them keeping busy is important, if she is a beautiful Thai lady and you help her financially why would she be working on the farm with her family in 34 degree heat? why would you expect them to do this? ask yourself,

So pushing them to do some work is a must and will show the character of your Thai girlfriend, if she is working in a normal job already then it is a good start but that is not how it normally starts.

You holding the purse strings will control the situation and the relationship with the Thai and you control how you financially support and remember the golden rule in Thailand is being over generous is classed as a weakness so do not buy love or buy a relationship, if it is for keeps then money issues can be easily resolved and remember that not all Thai girls are the same but like any relationship have your wits about you at all times and sudden changes in behavior with Thai girls can normally show if there is a problem.

Can a Thai lady be trusted? can a Thai girlfriend be trusted? is your decision not what people tell you is the norm.