Can a lady from the bar get a visa to Australia? this is one of the most common questions asked on a daily basis and the general answer is she cannot get a visa if she is still working in a drinking establishment. A Thai applicants background does not come into question if the rest of the application is correct including the contact between the Thai applicant and her Australian sponsor, the financial requirement is correct, the presentation is professional, we all have skeletons in the cupboard and we all have a past which would not come in to the equation unless you make it so obvious including submitting photographs which are a bit too hot including bathing suits or dressed up and drinking in bars etc, you are showing the Australian Embassy you are a responsible relationship and can be trusted to go on holiday and return on time.

I have seen numerous refusals because the applicant has not given the Embassy the right info including chat records with bad language or talking a bit too raunchy, photographs in poses that the Embassy may not find to their taste, constantly changing hair color,

Most Thai women are beautiful and have perfect figures which is something as a man to be proud of when your Thai partner is very stunning but keep it to yourselves and do not push it in the faces of the clearing officers just keep it sweet and normal and yes very boring and you have more chance of giving the correct impression. Looking responsible and acting responsible is the correct way to obtain a visa.

So let Key Visa Thailand obtain the visa for you with no hassle or chance to give the wrong impression.

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