A Little Philosophy Never Hurts

Increasingly in this interconnected world, we find that the old stereotypes are falling away (some places faster than others). What was once considered an enemy during conflict and war could just as easily now be somebody on a deckchair next to you, on the beach, under the parasol drinking the same beer and ordering the same snacks. This increased globalisation has some benefits in so much as our expectations of people are based less on stereotypical clichés than what we actually see.

Types of Bar Girl

No two bar girls, like no two humans, are exactly the same. Let’s look at the most basic demographic points of differentiation when considering if a bar girl can be a good girlfriend.

Age – You wouldn’t expect a 50 year old in the West to be the same as a 20 year old. The age difference matters quite a lot more with Bar Girls as they are often more set in their ways earlier than Westerners who have opportunities that challenge them later into their lives. It’s the challenges that facilitate the growth in the human experience.

Education – Not all bar girls are uneducated. If you are so lucky to find an educated one who has had little choice in their career direction, this may be more fulfilling than a simpler girl. However some girls are easier to be with and place less demands than an educated girl. Simplicity can be the essence of love and respect.

Upbringing – Even the most humble person can have class and humanity. Irrespective of their current work situation a bar girl is just as likely to be from a home, where human sympathy and empathy for others is a significant part of their upbringing. Many girls from the upper strata of Thai society can be cruelly insensitive or just as materialist as the most crass bar girl, though they are less likely to be involved with a Western man.

What’s the Answer?

There is no universal answer applicable to all bar girls, as the context is different in every case. Good people become bad, and bad people turn good. The expression ‘You can take the girl out of the bar, but not the bar out of the girl’ is not factually accurate but is statistically honest. It is wise to treat a bar girl with more caution then girls of other occupations. Take your time to get to know the person. Be honest with yourself and determine if loneliness is a key reason you are with a person.

Loneliness makes for a diminished judge of character, and a propensity to look the other way at the most obvious character flaws. Determine for yourself if the important signs of respect and love are visible and self-evident. If they’re not, it’s rare that they will ever be. A little harsh but that’s reality.