Calling Thailand with Vox Call

Calling Thailand with Vox Call

Vox Call is prepaid international calling service you can use with any phone. When you become a Vox call customer, you will be able to log on to their web site to purchase more phone credit or more importantly obtain your call history. This will give you a record of all the calls made to your Thai partner Visit You can pay for phone credit with either pay pal or credit card online.

  • Single Minute Billing:

Talk for one minute and get billed for one minute,

  • PINless Dialing:

Once your phones are registered, you will never have to dial a PIN to make low cost calls when using those phones. Register up to 9 phones on a single account!

  • Works with any phone:

Use Vox Call with a landline or a mobile phone, without changing carriers or long-distance companies—all you need is the access number.

Calling Thailand with Vox Call

  1. Dial a local Access Number,
  2. hen prompted, dial your Thai partner. DO NOT hit send if using a mobile phone.**
  3. Vox Call will automatically connect your call.
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