Calling Thailand with Vodafone

Vodafone offer customer’s cheap calls to Thailand using both Pay as you go and Monthly payment plan sim cards.

The following information is only for UK clients

To call Thailand you need to purchase Vodafone International on your phone. To add Vodafone International to their price plan, customers can:

  • Text INTERNATIONAL to 2345
  • Call 36888, option 2
  • Call 2345, option 3

Get the upto date calling costs visit

Pay as you Talk Clients

Vodafone do not generate bills for Pay As You Talk clients. If you want to obtain a copy of your dialled calls with the full details, you need to provide a written request with the following:

  • A description of the personal information that you would like a copy of; and
  • Confirmation of your registered address (eg copy of utility bill); and
  • The telephone number you are calling from
  • A cheque or postal order for £10.00.

Send this information to

Data Protection Manager,
Vodafone Limited,
Baird House – Second Floor,
The Connection,
RG14 2FN

You will then receive your listed calls made on your Pay as you talk Vodafone in the post.