Localphone offer calls to Thailand mobile and landline at low rates

How Localphone works

You set up an account on their web site. A landline or mobile telephone number that you will be making the calls from will need to be registered. You then register the telephone number you are going to call in Thailand.

Calling Thailand Via Localphone

Localphone will give you a unique, local landline number to dial for each contact that will connect straight through—no account numbers, no PINs, and if nobody answers you won’t pay a penny.

The important part is getting the evidence to show you have been in contact with your Thai partner

You do this by logging in to the web site using your email and password

Then Click

  • History page,
  • Quick Date Range
  • Complete History,
  • Activity Type
  • Dialled Calls.
  • Print the call listings.

For more information or to set up an account with Localphone, visit their web site www.localphone.com