The most suitable British visa for a Thai wife will depend on the amount of time she intends to stay in Britain. Being married to a Thai lady will not guarantee a British visa. Though being married will give you the opportunity to apply for different visas.

There are two types of British visa suitable for your Thai wife.

  • If your Thai wife intends on visiting Great Britain for a short amount of time for a holiday or just to visit the UK, then a British Tourist visa will be suitable.
  • If your Thai wife intends to live permanently in Britain and would like the ability to work etc, a British Settlement visa will be most suitable.

Both the Tourist and the settlement visa have time restrictions, the tourist visa will have a time restriction of 6 months, and the Settlement visa has a time restriction of 2 years 3 months.

When your Thai wife is ready to travel to Great Britain, the visa application must be made at the British embassy in Bangkok.

Always prepare well in advance for any visa, a last minute application with little thought is likely to be refused. Six months of planning will help to ensure you are issued with the Visa.