The procedure for applying for a British passport renewal or first passport has now changed from the old system of sending to the Asia hub Hong Kong to sending direct from Thailand to the IPS in Liverpool.

This new system seems to be more streamline and faster than the Hong Kong procedure as you are cutting out the middle man the application goes straight to the UK via DHL and then back to Thailand the same way. Please note that the Passport Office has issued a new application form which is a standard form which used for all passport applications now including first passport applications and also replacements and this can be downloaded from the British Embassy Bangkok website. You are also now asked to pay for the passport via a credit or debit card and the form has to be filled in and sent with your passport application so if you are thinking of applying for a new UK passport then either read all the guidance notes on the website or call at Key Visa were we can help you through the new procedure. If your passport application is a first application e.g. for your baby then you still use the same form but apply direct to the British Embassy in Bangkok and they will send to Liverpool once the documents have been checked and verified.