British passport renewal changes for Brits in Thailand

Please note that from the 11th December 2013 if you are wishing to renew a British passport from Thailand you no longer send you passport to Hong Kong it is sent direct to the UK passport Office in Liverpool, UK and not sent to Hong Kong as we have been doing previously for 2 years.

This has happened overnight with no warning of a change in procedures so please be aware of the change, also the passport has to be paid for with your application with a valid overseas credit card and this is attached to the new application for called the O form so there is only one form now for all applications so it is very important that the British Embassy Bangkok website is checked before applying for a new UK passport, babies passports are still applied for in Bangkok but must be also be paid for on the application form with credit card details as the Embassy are now just paperwork checkers and in their own words a post box for the Liverpool Passport Office.

It must be also noted that for a babies UK passport application it must be accompanied with English translations for Thai documents and also all copies of documents must be in color not black and white and all passports from the parents must have every page copies in color.

It has also been said that a child’s passport application will not be guaranteed “what this means we do not know” so make sure you read all the steps clearly or come to Key Visa for more information and help.

Go to the website for the new application form and procedures