The medical industry is advancing in leaps and bounds every day and Thailand is not an exception. Thailand offers world-class diagnosis and treatment in cancer. With advanced techniques, revolutionary treatments, best pieces of equipment, high-class resources, highly qualified specialists Bangkok remains the top choice for treating cancer not only among the locals but also for the expats.

Over the past few years, there has been a remarkable improvement in the procedures of treating cancer. Although cancer is still noncurable with the right approach it is possible to control it and lead a life with better quality and fewer complications.

With this article, you will get to know about Bangkok’s best cancer hospitals and the what kind of treatments they provide.

Akesis Oncology

Akesis Oncology offers a unique way of cancer treatment with a whole new perspective. Their motto is to heal cancer cells rather than killing them. They focus not only on curing cancer but also providing patients with a new healthy life.

They achieve this by applying an integrated medicine approach for treating cancer. Which means they use alternative methods along with the conventional method. They believe in educating their patients on what is cancer, how we get it and how it is treated. This knowledge helps them stay calm and prevent any anxiety.

Akesis Life Provide treatment to all kinds of cancers. They Specialize in intravenous therapy. Intravenous therapy is injecting necessary nutrition in the body through the bloodstream. Intravenous therapy is helpful in getting the most effective result faster than oral medication. They provide IV therapy of High dose vitamin C (increases the level of the electron), ALA + B complex(makes new healthy cells), vitamin B17(toxic to cancer), ozone MAH(strengthens the immune system), Artusenate(detoxify bowel), curcumin(anticancer agent), chelation-disodium(get rid of damaging metals), insulin potentiation therapy(low dose chemotherapy).

Strengthening the immunosystem is vital while curing cancer. Immunotherapy offered by Akesis Gc MAF(stimulates immunosystem), natural killer cells(eliminates tumour cells), IL-2(develops immune), RIGVIR(treats skin cancer), dendritic cell vaccine(prevents cancer), peptide therapy(enhances body’s natural defence).

On top of all this, they also have other facilities such as physical therapy, wellness education, recreation room, library and comfortable accommodation. All these factors are necessary for the patient’s physical and emotional well being.

Vejthani Hospital

Vejthani Hospital is a leading cancer hospital in Bangkok. They help cancer patients in all course of the disease. From prevention, screening, diagnosis, and treatment.

Vejthani Cancer Center follows the concept of comprehensive cancer care and treatment. It includes Chemotherapy, Psychosocial Support, Patient Education for Patient’s Relative and Social Support, Pain Management, I-131 Ablation Treatment, Colostomy Care, Prosthesis Consult, Palliative Care, Peripheral Line & Central Line Care (SVC, Venous Port).

Here at Vijthani, they believe that early detection is important in the case of cancer. They focus on not only curing cancer but also takes care of the side effects. They have a personalised approach and team of cancer specialists including oncologists, nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists. They use all the advanced technology for the early and accurate diagnosis of cancer and other complications.

Vejthani hospital has excellent support management for international patients. Their multilingual translator team make sure the patient and family members are well informed. Their referral and aviation division takes care of the visa extension, accommodation, travel arrangments, specialised flight care, insurance, flight escort, air ambulance for patients and their families.  

Bumrungrad Cancer Hospital

Bumrungrad is one of the largest multispeciality hospitals in Thailand. Its horizon regional cancer centre is Thailand’s first cancer centre. Their multi-specialists and researchers work around the clock to implement comprehensive cancer care and treatment.

Primary treatment provided by them is chemotherapy, radiation therapy, peripheral blood cell transplantation(PBSCT), bone marrow transplantation(BMT), Cancer screening method such as Mammogram, pap smear, colonoscopy, endoscopy, CT scan. On top of that Nutrition consultation, psychological support and cancer group.

Horizon regional cancer centre uses various types of equipment for diagnosis and treatment such as X-ray stimulator, CT scanner, MRI machine,  Ultrasound, Biograph 64 PET/CT scanner, Four-dimensional CT imaging, breathing control machine during radiation, Dual-energy linear accelerator.

Their treatment planning process is very detailed. Their plan will include both primary and secondary treatments, plus an analgesic care plan for managing pain. The primary treatment plan is for eliminating most of the cancer cells. The secondary treatment plan is to destroy all the remaining cancer cells which help in preventing cancer from reoccurring.

Bangkok Cancer Hospital

Wattanosoth Cancer hospital is a part of Bangkok Dusit Medical Services. They work with a “Concept of 360’c Cancer Care”. Which means a full circle of cancer care comprising of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

They have different centres and clinics dedicated to helping patients in different stages of treatment. It includes early-stage cancer screening centre, radiation diagnostic centre, radiation clinic, nuclear therapy clinic, cancer surgery centre, breast centre, haematological centre, pain clinic.

Most important services offered by Bangkok cancer hospital are Cancer diagnosis service, New Dimensional EDGE Radiation Surgery Machine, Cancer treatment with heat needle (RF), Breast cancer screening with digital mammography and breast ultrasound, Advanced technology for PET / CT Scan (PET scan) with Flow Motion system, The advanced technology of cancer detection with PET / CT Scan, Linear Accelerator (LINAC), Nuclear Medicine Diagnostic Aids SPECT, Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT).

Wattanosoth Cancer hospital is the recipient of a Clinical Care Pathway Certification awarded by the Joint Commission International and Thailand ICT Award 2016 for Innovation Project for Wattanosoth Early Detection Center.

Verita life

Verita life believes in integrated cancer treatment. Their method of treating cancer is proven to be Safe because it is mild and effective. Their course of treating cancer falls under four main categories primary cancer treatments, primary immune treatments, supportive treatments and detox treatments.  

Primary cancer treatment kills cancer cells. They practice low-dose chemotherapy, local hyperthermia which is not radioactive and thus has very mild side effects, biological treatments, metabolic treatments to improve resistance power, anti-angiogenic treatment to restrict the growth of the tumour, viral immune therapy, herbal cancer therapy and multi-targeted therapy.

To boost the immune system they use the primary immune therapy. They induce dendritic cells and natural killer cells to fight against cancer, peptide therapy to for natural defence against cancer cells, whole body hyperthermia which produces heat to treat cancer.

Cancer treatments are healing for cancer itself but it can be toxic for the rest of the body. To eliminate this toxic effects Verita has detox treatments. It includes detoxification with lymph nodes and ozone. Colonic hydrotherapy and chelation therapy are really important for cleansing the system.

In order to restore the health of the patients, they guide on diet plans, exercise, education, and monitor functions of all the organs. All these factors are essential for the patient. It makes them feel energised, strong and helps them to remain cancer free.