Benefits for your Australian Tourist visa 

It is only when a client is refused a visa to Australia do they then wish that they had obtained professional help with the application before trying to apply themselves which is not their fault it is due to different reasons as per list.

  • lack of knowledge of documents needed
  • Wrongly written advice on the Internet
  • Presentation of the visa application insufficient
  • Going off advice given by friends who have applied previously
  • Trying to save some money
  • Thai partner/ girlfriend who know someone who has been through the process before
  • Application forms filled in incorrectly
  • Translations not correct
  • Inconsistent information given in the visa to Australia application
  • The above is just a few reasons why an application could be refused

The above is just a few small reasons why a visa application to Australia could be refused and even though people are aware of the danger they still go ahead and make these mistakes daily and we have given below reasons why using Key Visa Thailand is a good answer to getting a visa to Australia for your Thai partner.

  1. Presentation of the visa application is professional
  2. No money up front guarantee
  3. Application forms filled in correctly and professionally
  4. Submitted on the clients behalf without their need to attend Bangkok
  5. Translations correct
  6. Documents submitted substantial and to the Australian Embassies requirements
  7. No visa no money so our work is guaranteed to the fullest
  8. All letters supplied by ourselves so all you do is supply the documents we ask you for
  9. Submission and collection of the Australian visa application done by Key Visa
  10. The confidence of knowing that your Thai partner will be traveling to Australia

Using Key Visa Thailand will be the best choice you ever made and could be life changing as in most cases a refusal can put massive strain on a relationship so our job it to make sure your Thai partner has the visa in their passport and is on the plane.

We also understand that their is a financial reason why people cannot use a visa agent but if you are willing to pay for a plane ticket you are willing and serious about the visa application so let Key Visa help you get a visa to Australia with no hassle.

Making the right choices in life is not always easy but using Key Visa will be one of the best things you have both ever done.

Any advice needed you can e-mail [email protected] or call Darren on Thailand 0810045397

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