Back to back visa runs to Cambodia

which have been relished by many foreigners in Thailand are a thing of the past now with the new Immigration changes as from the 29th August 2014 as it was presumed that back to back visa runners were using this avenue to work illegally in Thailand.

Back to back visa runs to Cambodia30 day visa on arrival

this is the most common visa given and mainly issued to most Countries when you enter through Bangkok airport but as from the 29th August 2014 people using the airport to constantly come in and out of Thailand nicknamed back to backing on a regular basis could find themselves being refused entry as the Immigration have ascertained that a 30 day visa on arrival are for tourists visiting Thailand and not to be used to base yourself in Thailand as a semi resident so the advice from the Thai Immigration bureau is if you wish to stay in Thailand or visit frequently then make sure you obtain a long stay visa in Thailand or obtain a visa from a Thai Consulate from the Country you are in before you enter Thailand to ensure you do not have any problems on arrival in to Thailand. The actual amount of entries you are allowed is not official it is at the discretion of the officer on duty or their superior so preempt a situation and obtain a visa before you arrive do not just bring your suitcase. Bonus, at the same time the Thai Immigration will now allow most Countries who arrive in Thailand on a 30 day visa on arrival to extend at any Immigration office for a further 30 days without leaving the Country making your stay in Thailand as a tourist up to 60 days but please be aware you could be asked to prove the following details to obtain the extra 30 day visa or you may not.

  • You have funds in your possession to cover the extra stay
  • You have an onward ticket out of Thailand within that extra 30 days
  • Prove were you shall be staying for the duration of your extra stay

visaSo do not go empty handed just in case you are required to show some information. With the new rules imposed you are also permitted to cross a land border and re enter at least one time if you have arrived in to Thailand on a 30 day on arrival visa you will be permitted back in to Thailand at the discretion of the visa officer on duty at the land border but back to back visa runs to a local border are now a major thing of the past unless you have a visa in your passport from your home Country for example a Non Immigrant multiple entry visa which demands you leave Thailand every 90 days and re enter making a simple land crossing the fastest and simplest way. It is always advisable to get advice and let the company you are planning the Border run with to check your passport before you travel.

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