Australian visa for Thai girlfriend pitfalls


When applying for a tourist visa to Australia for your Thai girlfriend you must make sure that many items are in place so a refusal is not given to your Thai-girlfriend-spouse, A tourist visa to Australia can be full of pitfalls and numerous reason to refuse the visa including below.

  • After the holiday in Australia with your Thai-girlfriend-spouse why will she return
  • Have you proved an ongoing relationship over a period of time and how do you do this
  • What are your finances like in Australia
  • How many times have you visited Thailand from Australia
  • Does your Thai-girlfriend-spouse work
  • How long have you been married or in a relationship with your Thai partner
  • How long do you intend to stay in Australia
  • Do you work and how stable is your job
  • Have you booked a plane ticket to Australia
  • Have you purchased health Insurance to Australia
  • Have you supplied photos if so where
  • Have you met your Thai girlfriends family or Thai spouses family
  • Where will you stay in Australia
  • Who will take care of your Thai girlfriends children
  • Have the Thai got Immigration history from previous
  • Have they a criminal record you are not aware of
  • Have you planned an itinerary for your trip and does your Thai-girlfriend-spouse know were you live in Australia
  • Does your family approve of the holiday to Australia
  • Are your taxes up to date in Australia
  • Have you been married to a Thai before, is your ex Thai spouse living in Australia, are you divorced

The above is about 25% of the concerns you have to have which is why it is imperative to use a visa company like Key Visa Thailand to help you obtain the tourist visa to Australia for your Thai girlfriend-spouse because the pitfalls and lack of knowledge will catch you out and it will end up is sadness. contact [email protected]