This page is designed to give you tips when applying for an Australian visa for your Thai partner

including a tourist visa and also an Australian Migration visa and also it gives you details of unpublished rules that are obtained through experience of dealing with visa applications to Australia for your Thai girlfriend or Thai spouse for 13 years.

Australian tourist visa

  • If you apply for your Thai partner to travel to Australia for a 3 month holiday visa and she is successful then always make sure she has a copy of your invitation letter which you supplied to the Australian Embassy in Bangkok clearly showing your full address and also your contact telephone number just in case the Visa officer is Australia wishes to see where your Thai partner will be staying in Australia.
  • Please not that as from May 2013 the visa application form for a tourist visa to Australia has changed and the new form is called a 1419 and it replaces the old style form 48r tha the form is very similar but it has more questions on the form to answer and if you do not use the new style form then an application will not be accepted.

Australian settlement/ Migration/ Fiancee visa

  • If your Thai fiancee/ Thai spouse is planning on applying for a settlement visa to Australia then please note as part of the visa application after your Thai partner submits the visa application they will be called to go for a medical which is normal practice, If your Thai partner has children then all their children will also have to go for full body medicals so make sure they all have passports ready in preparation for the body medicals and the submission of the visa application. This rule applies even if the children are not traveling on the visa application.
  • From the start of January 2013 the Australian visa application fee for an Australian spousal visa or fiancee visa has been increased to 89,100 Thai baht which to most is a very large sum of money and now due to this large increase I always advise my clients to use professional help but only use a visa company that is willing to pay the Embassy fee for the client and expect to be paid when the visa has been awarded as we do at Key Visa company.