Australian tourist visa for wealthy Thai’s only

Is this true or is it a misconception? that is the question, for years I have been battling with clients trying to reveal that a Thai national needing collateral in their own name including a home, healthy bank account, cars etc is not important as most Thai applicants we obtain visas for are from a poor background mainly from the Northern part of Thailand, it is a myth that they must have huge amounts to return back to Thailand before an Australian tourist visa will be issued and this is not nearly correct because if it was Key Visa would not be in business and not needed, Most wealthy Thai’s tend to have Thai husbands and go for tourism purposes and most have no problems in financing their own holiday but it is rare unless they have their own business in Bangkok or have a wealthy background.

Australian tourist visaIf the only way a Thai national could obtain a tourist visa to Australia is by being wealthy then they would only probably award one visa a day at the Australian Embassy so what are they looking for? want to know the secret? then read on and get valuable information.

Visas to Australia are about the relationship and whether the Embassy clearing officer feels that the relationship is responsible enough to allow the Thai national to travel and after the holiday the Australian boyfriend will make sure that they return on time as they are fully aware an overstayed visa will cause serious repercussions when applying for another visa to Australia, you are thinking how can we show we are responsible and the answer to this question is fairly simple and is drummed in to our clients, showing an ongoing relationship is the most important part of the visa application

  • Including you should know your Thai partner for at least 6-8 months
  • You should try and visit your Thai partner a minimum of 2-3 times
  • You should take plenty of photographs together
  • Whilst in Australia all communication should be recorded, Skype, telephone, e-mails, Viber, etc the list is endless but keep everything
  • Whilst in Thailand keep all old receipts, hotel, air tickets etc

The above are just some things to prove a loving, genuine and ongoing relationship which is the key to having a visa obtained, if your partner has wealth then good but you still should show the above because if they overstayed 5 years the wealth would still be in Thailand awaiting them on return and this is why it is not important to the Australian visa officer.

Australian tourist visaPresentation of the visa application to Australia

This is also a major part of whether the visa is issued or not as there is no interview process so the visas are awarded on the merits of the documents and if not presented correctly you can still fail the Australian visa application which is why it is so important to get it done professionally and using Key Visa is a must to make sure it is prepared correctly and there is no documents missing or there is something in the documents that could be damaging to the visa application for your Thai girlfriend. I have been presenting Australian tourist visa applications for 14 years so there is no room for error or mistakes and this is down to knowledge and experience which is so important to get the correct result as nobody likes to fail and have to re submit a failed visa application as it is such more difficult the second time around.

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