Australian tourist visa flight ticket

It is imperative that if your Thai partner has a tourist visa to Australia that when you book the flight ticket to Australia for them or they book themselves in Thailand the flight tickets should be firstly a return ticket back to Bangkok from Australia which shows your Thai partners intention to return and it should also be booked back to Thailand for the length of time you wish them to stay in Australia which really should match the amount of time you requested on the 1419tha visa application form e.g. 1 month, 2 weeks etc.

This will be the first thing that the Australian Immigration will be looking for when your Thai partner arrives in Australia so getting the ticket correct can mean for your Thai partner a smooth passage through the Australian airport to you awaiting their arrival and also shows their intention to return back to Thailand after the holiday.

Please note a ticket is not required for the visa application and will not get you a visa so book and pay after the visa has been awarded.

Getting it right first time can be imperative and if you need any more info contact [email protected]

australian tourist visa flight ticket