Australian Thai baby settlement visa application


Applying for a Thai child to accompany your Thai spouse-fiancee to Australia on a settlement visa can be a decider for both applicants not just the child. It is very important when applying for a Thai child that you make sure that your Thai wife-fiancee has sole  custody of her child and not just a piece of paper signed by the Thai father at a local Amphur office.

You must make sure that the case has been heard in a Thai court and that the mother has been given sole custody legally for the child or if a divorce has taken place previously then make sure that the mother has the right to the child only as a decision by the Thai courts and is stipulated on the divorce certificate.

The Embassy fee is very expensive and it can be a serious mistake to make which is why it is important to use Key Visa to make sure that all the documents are correct before submission and that the application procedure runs smoothly.

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