Australian settlement visa child’s medical

An Australian settlement visa application can be very complex-ed and difficult and time consuming with a waiting time of approximately 6-8 months currently with no difference for certain circumstances. The reason for this post is to make you aware that part of a settlement visa application to Australia is that your Thai spouse or Thai fiancee has to have a medical which is a full body medical and also blood checks, but so do their Thai children even if they are not traveling to Australia and the reason for this is because in the future circumstances may change were the child needs to travel later. The Embassy fee is currently 98,000 Thai baht which is a huge amount of money and it should be known that if you Thai spouse’s children have any defects or something wrong with them then your wife or fiancee could be refused there visa as the Immigration rules point out that if your children are found to not meet the medical criteria then it could jeopardize your very own visa application. My advice is to have the children checked out with a routine check up before submitting a visa application for settlement/ migration to Australia.