Australian partner visa De Facto application


Australian partner visa De Facto, what is this? a De Facto relationship visa is applied for if you do not wish to marry your Thai partner or Thai fiancee, this visa has no time limit and allows you to live as boyfriend and girlfriend in Australia like an unmarried couple.

De Facto visas to Australia or for Australia are normally applied for by same sex relationships and also Thai nationals already residing in Australia but have split or divorced with their previous Australian partner due to matrimonial disputes which is common.

It must be known that a De Facto visa to Australia has strict rules including proving that you have been in an ongoing relationship together for 2 years without a break or gap in the relationship which is very difficult if your Thai partner is living in Thailand and you live in Australia so make sure that you have not been apart and you can prove it every month for the 2 years.

It does not mean that because you can apply for an Australian De Facto visa that they will issue it, so make sure this visa application is right for you because if you are going to live in Australia with your Thai partner the Embassy likes to see some form of commitment including an Australian fiancee/ Marriage visa.

We have seen numerous relationships were the Thai partner has traveled to Australia on a tourist visa on 3 or 4 occasions and been refused a De Facto visa because they have not been together constantly for 2 years as there has been gaps so during consultations in our office we are very choosy who we offer this style of visa too.

For more info you can contact [email protected]m and always remember no visa NO FEE!!!!