For two years now we have seen constant delays in the processing of Australian Migration visas with applicants waiting up to 1 year for a decision and paying 97,000 Thai baht Embassy fee to have to be split away from your loved one, It seems that constant delay methods including asking for more documents or asking the applicant to produce documents already supplied seems to be normal.

It seems that no matter how good the application you can expect delays minimum of 6 months and we feel it is a slowing down process as many years ago Migration and provisional marriage visas were being issued in 3-4 days so why the sudden huge backlogs which after years should have been resolved.

If you are requiring a provisional marriage visa or a migration marriage visa then expect serious processing delays and a long wait. It is always my advice to use a professional company to process your visa which could be the difference of waiting 4 months or 12 months which when split from your family could seem like a life time.

Getting your documents for Australia correct and processing correct is so important and if you require any more info please e-mail [email protected]

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