Australian civil partner tourist visa


It is widely spoken in the foreign community in Australia and also with expats living in Thailand that same sex tourist visas to Australia are impossible to get and this is not the case the Australian Embassy in Bangkok or the Australian Immigration are not homophobic and they are always willing to help same sex relationships and  Australian relationships with transsexuals and at Key Visa Thailand we have obtained numerous tourist visas for gay partnerships and also long stay civil partnership visas.

When you are attempting an application it is always better to get professional advice and use a company like Key Visa Thailand and always remember to apply as normal with the same documentation needed for a non same sex relationship there is no difference and the loving relationship between you and your Thai partner is recognized and noted and taken very seriously so never feel as if you cannot apply due to advice given by unqualified people and tap room lawyers.

On this website we have many posts giving simple and straight information on visas to Australia for Thais and if you need any more information you can call 038 422131 or e-mail [email protected]


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