Thailand like most countries expect foreign holiday makers or residents to carry a copy of their passport with them as it is can be used for identification but it also shows that they have a visa to reside in the Kingdom legally.

It also is very important to have identification in case you are involved in a accident so the medical services can see who you are and where you are from in the unfortunate event you need emergency treatment, If you also have medical insurance or a medical insurance card it is also imperative to carry with you in the event you may be unconscious.

So carrying identification is important for two reasons, for the authorities in case they need to check your credentials and legality visa wise and also for medical emergencyThailand retirement visa reasons.


At Key Visa we do a small credit sized laminated copy of your passport showing your visa on the back which is easy to carry in your wallet and this is done in 10 minutes and only for 150 baht so it could save your life.

We can also do your medical cards if you wish so bring them to the office with your passport and my staff will assist.

If you need anymore info you can contact [email protected]