Don’t forget your ID!

It has been reported today that the Thai Immigration bureau will be enforcing an old rule that all foreigners residing in the Kingdom of Thailand or on holiday must carry a copy of Identification with them and this can be in the form of the following.

  • Thai driving license
  • Copy of foreigners passport
  • Foreigners original passport “not recommended”

The fine for not carrying such identification in Thailand can be up to 2,000 Thai baht which nobody really wants to pay and it is simple enough to carry identification on your person at all times.

At Key Visa we have always for many years advised the foreign community to carry identification not just for on the spot checks by the Thai Immigration or Thai Police but in case of an accident not carrying Identification could be fatal as the Police or the hospitals will not know who you are which could be deadly and serious.

At Key visa for many years we have produced a credit card sized laminated copy of your passport in color which is water proof and also lasts for years we also advise writing on the back a contact number be it in your own Country or a Thai partner in case you are in hospital the Police or hospital will know who to contact. In the case of a fatality the Police will also know which Embassy to contact in Bangkok so it is imperative you carry some kind of ID on your person.

The cost of the laminated Identification card is only 150 Thai baht and takes us approximately 5 minutes to produce so bring your passport to our office as it could one day save your life or save you money.